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Friday, July 08, 2005

Essential Guides

An invaluable tool to help you get the most out of your iPod, this is the guide to have for iPod owners. From simple basics of setup and downloading music to all one needs to know about using your player and managing music files to choosing the right iPod, this easy to understand documentation is necessity.A comprehensive reference which covers the principles of digital audio for engineers, students, audio professionals in a wide range of fields, and those with an interest in how their DVD player works, the introduction begins with the physics of sound and hearing, an explanation of digital sampling, error correction, noise shaping, oversampling, compression and coding. Password for the rar file is Mat.Riks.Info.PC Recording Studios gives the "how to" on setting up a computer-based, home recording studio including the lowdown on equipment, designing your studio space, and properly recording your music. This one is from, cheers to them for the link; password is by two veterans of the spam wars, a must read reference that helps analyze one's current situation, choose the right solutions, set up and maintain them, and even show the bean-counters why such defenses are essential. Discover how to understand how spammers get addresses, calculate the cost of spam and spyware, re-engineer your business processes, select spam and spyware filters, and manage implementation and maintenance in this all-in-one reference.
This guide offers a detailed look at the Windows Media Player and teachers people who gives information regarding organizing and listening to music in various ways. After a full tour of the Windows Media Player, this guide goes on to explain how to set up your computer for music to get the most out of it, how to record from analog sources into your computer, how to use portable digital players (i-pod included), ripping data from compact discs, downloading and purchasing music, and listening to the radio via your computer.