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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Using Winamp with iPod

iPod users can now manage their music collections by using Winamp through a simply plug-in called ml_iPod. By utilizing features through the Winamp digital jukebox, this plug-in bypasses iTunes and leaves users with an alternative way to manage their iPod.

ml_iPod includes many additional features, including the ability to synch multiple iPods with Winamp. Users may create smart playlists through this plug-in. Finally, the most significant of the features, ml_iPod allows the user to copy songs from an iPod onto a hard drive.

Another amazing fact is that iTunes for Windows is a 21-MB download and uses far more resources than Winamp. By contrast, Winamp is 4.7 MB and the ml_iPod plug-in is a mere 130 KB of space. Winamp is known to be faster and more efficent than iTunes software. Furthermore, iTunes is not compatible for Windows 98 users, as Winamp is available on nearly every platform.