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Monday, April 04, 2005

Shoutcast: Create a Personal Radio Station

Enjoy this quick guide to making your own Radio Station using your downloaded mp3s. Requirements include Winamp, a minimum connection of 256/64 kbps (will work with dialup connections, but will not be able to handle more than 2-6 listeners at a time), & an active, steady IP.

  1. Download Shoutcast files from their official website at
  2. Upon download of these file, install both Shoutcast files.
  3. After a successful installation go to: Start > Program Files > Shoutcast DNAS > EDIT SHOUTCAST DNS CONFIG
  4. Configure Shoutcast by scrolling down to the password: change option. Be sure to change your password before continuing configuration.
  5. Find The Portbase and change it to the port of choice.
  6. Find Maxusers and change it to the number of choice. This should be based on your bandwidth: 1,000 users might be an unrealistic choice for a DSL connection. On a cable connection 75 users runs smoothly.
  7. After completing the last three steps select EDIT > SAVE.
  8. Open Winamp and right click on OPTIONS. Proceed to OPTIONS > PREFRENCES > DSP EFFECT > NULLSOFT SHOUTCAST.
  9. Next, under Winamp, find the OUTPUT selection; click on CONNECTION > THROUGH THE ADDRESS - enter the address of your domain; this is obtainable via if unknown.
  10. Configure the port number to the port earlier entered into The Portbase.
  11. Find the ENCODER and choose the music to play on the radio.
  12. Return back to OUTPUT > OUTPUT CONFIG > YELLOW PAGES. The Yellow Pages displays advertisemant information for the radio.
  13. Click CONNECT. If done properly, the radio station should be online.
  14. The radio may be verified by simply going to the address earlier added in the preference.