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Friday, April 22, 2005

Rapidshare Upload Tips

Many people have submitted albums using the Rapidshare server, only to have their uploads deleted upon discovery by Rapidshare. The vast majority of uploads were deleted due to certain errors made by the uploader. These are a quick list of tips to follow if one wants to share full albums using the Rapidshare server.
  1. Always compress the files into a rar or zip file. Do not directly upload mp3 files.
  2. Choose a discreet filename for the rar or zip file. Do not use the exact name of the artist or album in the title. Furthermore, never use numbers to differentiate the files (example file01.rar, file02.rar). Also, stay away from using sequential letters (example filea.rar, fileb.rar)
  3. An option for further security is setting a password on the rar or zip file. Most applications make this quite easy to do. Remember, however, if you do use a password on an archive, to be careful of case sensitivity and to list the password when submitting the archive!
  4. Use a proxy when uploading, preferrably an anonymous server. This option is not at all mandatory but is a good safety precaution for the "ip logging" claimed on the site.