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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Macintosh & RAR Compression

After receiving numerous e-mails from Macintosh users frustrated with RAR file compression and Rapidshare downloads, I decided to ask the Macintosh users for some feedback. Unfortunately, I have no real experience on the Macintosh platform, so this was my best option for information and knowledge related to these questions. Please feel free to post comments to contribute to this section.

The following quotes should (hopefully) assist Macintosh users painlessly download and decompress rar compressed files:

  • Uploading doesn´t work at all, downloading doesn´t work with opera, but with the Internet Explorer it does. To un-rar i use Stuffit, only the drag and drop method works though. - libertine (on mac os 9.2.2)
  • No problems ever. I use MacPar Deluxe 3.2 freeware. - Lords Of Karma
  • I have no problems using Netscape (or better Safari). Internet Explorer is pretty much worthless. I am running 10.3.8 and just using the software that came with it (Stuffit expander). - selopan
  • I have no problems up and downloading with Rapidshare on my Mac 10.2.8 using the Safari 1.0 brower. There are some issues using 'other' download managers (iGetter etc) but using Control-Click Download-To-Disk works fine. I use Stuffit v8.02, and this has worked with most 'rar' files. The few that it did have problems with, UnRarX v2.0 fixed. - K. Angaroo
  • UnRarX is GREAT! I used to use StuffIt but kept getting error messages when I'd try to unrar half the time. UnRarX hasn't given me ANY problems yet. Hope this was helpful. - Alex
  • As a Mac user, I have no problem with Rapidshare. I use the Safari browser on Mac OS X 10.3.8. I've had some problems with RAR files, but I find "RAR Expander" pretty reliable, but not perfect. It is certainly better than "Stuffit Expander." - Filbert
  • I'm a mac user. I just use Stuffit expander. its free and opens sit, sitx, zip, rar, tar, cbr, and just about any other compression format. - sanskrit
  • I use "UnrarX", it works seamlessly. - s-junk
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