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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Capture Streaming MP3 Audio

Many users have expressed interest on how to capture streaming audio and save the audio in mp3 format. Allow me to introduce an excellent, free tool to your arsenal, the MP3 Stream Recorder. The MP3 Stream Recorder allows the user to record mp3 streams through the web browser and directly links to mp3 server streams. Moreover, this tool comes with full proxy server support.
  1. Download the MP3 Stream Recorder and follow installation instructions.
  2. Locate the Server area and enter the server address in the box.
  3. Select a specific file where you would like to save this stream.
  4. Press the Record button. This will begin recording the live stream directly to the file. This program saves file information (name, url, bitrate, version, etc) in addition to the audio.
  5. Users may painlessly specify the amount, however long or short, of the stream to record. Simply specify time amounts in the recording options.
  6. Pull up the main system menu by right clicking on a empty part of the program. The pop up system menu allows access to more options, including the option to search for certain mp3 servers by category. Moreover, the user may set up proxy and login settings.