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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Simultaneous Downloads with Rapidshare

Here is a quick tutorial on how to download files from Rapidshare simultaneously using Firefox. It is a simple operation; one must use a different proxy per download. Although it seems impossible to do on Internet Explorer, it is extremely simple with Firefox. Although this tip works, the downloads do slow down significantly when one downloads more than two files. Here are the quick steps:
  1. Using the FireFox browser, download and install the SwitchProxy plug-in for FireFox.
  2. Proceed to finding a free proxy server, I recommend the Steganos Proxies list.
  3. Proceed to Rapidshare's download link and start the download. Do not use a download manager (No FlashGet), simply use FireFox's download manager by itself. (This is because Flashget uses your real IP, not the one loaded by the SwitchProxy plug-in)
  4. Load the SwitchProxy plug-in and use one of the proxies. This does not interfere with your current download.
  5. Proceed to a second Rapidshare download link. In most cases, it should begin a second download. However, if it reads an error (already downloading), then the selected proxy is still submitting your real IP to RapidShare. This may not be your fault, as some free proxies use your real IP.
  6. If you get this error, simply try the next available proxy in the list.
  7. To begin another download, repeats the steps using a new proxy in the list. This can be done an unlimited amount of times (or until you run out of working proxies).
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