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Monday, March 21, 2005

PyMusique - DRM Free Tracks from iTunes

Some clever programmers have made a program that allows you to buy DRM-free tracks from the iTunes Music Store. You can buy and download a track and do as you like with the track after your purchase.
The software is named PyMusique, a simple program that strips the bothersome DRM restrictions.

You still have to purchase the track, but PyMusique stops the file from being covered by any copyright protection. This can be done because the DRM is only added to the track after the purchase is made; normally, the file is tagged to your account.

With this software, it makes it possible to do whatever you like with the newly downloaded file. You can copy it to multiple machines, upload it to a server, or share with P2P software. Download this software while it lasts and have full access to the files that you are paying for.

PyMusique Website | PyMusique - A First Look At the Code