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Monday, March 21, 2005

Finding MP3s on Internet Relay Chat

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, one of the most popular and most interactive services on the internet. If you haven't used it before it's name can be a bit deceiving; although there are thousands of chat channels, there are also several channels specifically created for file sharing. Moreover, there are specific channels used for finding full albums or specific tracks.

After downloading and installing the IRC chat client, you must connect to a chat server. I recommend using Efnet, one of the "big three" (also including DALnet & Undernet). Fill in the necessary information to connect to the server. Although, your real full name is not necessary, it is necessary that you fill in something; the same applies to your email address. For more information regarding getting started on IRC, please view the links at the end of this tutorial.

One connected to a server, you must find a specific channel for mp3 file sharing. To search for a channel, click on the fourth icon from the left on your tool bar. (See the screenshot below) In the match text: window, type mp3. Then, click Get List! and the program should generate a list of channels. Pick a channel from this list and double click it in the list to join the specific channel.

The example that I will provide you with works with certain mp3 channels on IRC. Specifically, I can recommend to connect on the Efnet server and to join #mp3addicts by typing /j #mp3addicts in the status window. This specific channel hosts literally thousands of mp3s on hundreds of different servers.

The channel has specific robots set up to give you information on how to search the channel for mp3s, rules of the channel and additional information. An example of searching for mp3 is as follows: we are searching for mp3s by "The Beatles". The majority of the file servers in the channel should respond to the command @find Beatles or @search Beatles. Several windows should pop up; these are replies from the file servers in private message windows. Simply cut and paste the given command from the server into the main channel window to recieve the file. Please note that the majority of file servers are on que status, so you may have a small wait period to download the actual file.

When the file is sent, you will recieve a DCC accept screen. If the file matches the name of the file you selected for download, you may accept the DCC transfer. You will see the status of the transfer and will find the file either in your Sounds or Download directory, depending on your settings.