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Monday, March 21, 2005

Disabling the Yousendit Download Limit

This tip will disable the Yousendit 25 downloads limit. However, the file will still die after seven days, as this tip only allowed unlimited downloads.

When a file is uploaded to, a url is given upon completion of the upload. This url is where the file is stored and is given to share the file. The url originally looks like this:


Now once you get this url, simply edit it by adding the following code to the beginning of the link:
Thus, the url shall read:

Please keep in mind that when using Yousendit, always rename your file to something insignificant, as opposed to the actual filename itself. A simple example is to rename TheBeatles.rar to fe565tert4.rar. I personally recommend putting a password on the compressed file in addition to renaming the file.

This simply keeps the snooping eyes at Yousendit from seeing what is actually being transferred. Although I am unaware of anyone being fined or prosecuted from Yousendit, I have heard of people being banned from the server for sending copywritten files none the more educated as to what is being transferred. Moreover, Yousendit reserves the right to remove any file, even on the thoughts of suspicion. It is troublesome to spend time uploading a file, only to have it immediately deleted from the server.